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[28 Nov 2017|07:53pm]

This is not the sort of post we would be hoping to be making tonight, but after some careful consideration, we've decided that now is the right time to bid farewell to this community.

We've been blown away by the level of creativity that has been on display here over the months, and we want to thank each and every one of you who poured your hearts into your stories. We're not sure if it's rampant bullying on IJ in general or specific drama, but whatever the cause, it has become clear to us that our best intentions aren't enough to bring this place back from the brink.

We've included a button below to remove everyone if that is your wish, but we've left everyone in the subcommunities so you can preserve your memories and interactions. This has been a very difficult decision for us as writers as much as mods, and we're going to miss it dearly. We have the utmost respect and love for you all and wish you the very best with whatever the future holds for your lives both written and real.

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