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application. [06 Feb 2017|06:24pm]

portlander is a community set in the city of portland, oregon! we are looking for fun, active members who aren't opposed to community activities such as plot posts, member-run events, and group threads - all of which can be found in our activity journal.

to apply we only require the following to be included in your contact post/bio page: your character's full name, birthdate and age, occupation and hometown. please refer to our rules to get an idea of what we're looking for in terms of writing.

if you are a returning member and were removed for inactivity or failure to drop off activity links, note that you will need a written update in your journal within the last month to reapply. please include this link in your application in lieu of examples.

adds WED & SUN @ 7-9PM EST

add us: here.
request: here, here, here.
character name: first & last.
played-by: no challenges.
ooc contact: link please.
examples: please dropbox.


drop activity here! [06 Feb 2011|12:09pm]

wanted faces and lines. [05 Feb 2011|01:30pm]

faces, lines, and other things! have a special request? want to join but not sure where to start? feel free to make a line/pb request or search for potential plots!

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