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[25 Jun 2017|07:55pm]


hello everyone! throwing this up because a.) i haven't been as active as i would like to be since my work promotion and b.) i realized i never did this when i first joined. whoops! anyways this here is morgan avery. you might know some things about her from her entries like she's a 28 year old mother of a five year old and a widow for a year. her husband died in a car accident when a drunk driver hit their car. she's been trying to keep it together since. outwardly morgan can be goofy, sassy, quick to clap back if need be, definitely a mama bear type. internally she's still sorting through her issues from her husband's death and her less than normal childhood. she works in public relations so if anyone has a business or anything, her firm's available. some of her likes include coffee runs, hiking, boxing, watching super corny movies, eating, and music is life.

she's got mostly family here. [info]roshan is her younger brother. she's got cousins on both sides in [info]deseree and [info]paco. her sort of in-law is [info]cuocco and [info]gil. i'd definitely love to get some friends, maybe people she knew through her husband (he was a college professor) basically anything! you guys are really great here btw!

[24 Jun 2017|08:43pm]


This is Rosa and she needs some lines for when she's (hopefully) accepted to the comm on Sunday! She's a 34 year old chef (head chef, might I add) at a pretty fancy restaurant that she sadly does not own. Her sister is [info]ophies, cousin is [info]jaimison and she has a handful of friends already in game.

Rosa goes by Ro or Rose, but won't bite anyone who calls her by her actual name unless she's in a particularly foul mood. She was once married to her high school sweetheart at a ridiculously young age and surprise, it didn't work out for them so she's been a divorced woman since her very early twenties. A line is definitely there for him if anyone feels like gaining a history and a frenemy in one go. She is into whoever she feels like being into, so dating both men and women is a possibility if anyone wants to have a past date link with her. She's married to her job, but is also a charming asshole so if she likes you, you'll know about it and she'll make time despite practically living at the restaurant.

Anyone in the restaurant industry might know her from culinary school or past jobs. She hated waitressing and learning the ropes in the kitchen and is much more at home being a female Gordon Ramsay, so if anyone's worked FOR her, they probably want her dead. In her personal life she's pretty laid back, extremely loyal, sarcastic and will flirt with a brick.

Anyone who likes true crime, gross internet sites/photos and general eyerolling/judgement sessions, Ro's your girl. That said, she's also your girl if you just want a beer, a good laugh and a joint, you just have to catch her in the right mood.

[21 Jun 2017|09:21pm]


let me write this up really quick. i mean, really quick. this is maureen. she's 30 years old and originally from miami until her father's work with the trail blazers moved their family to portland when she was young. she's currently working (way too much) at providence portland medical center in emergency/trauma and desperately trying to get noticed by the right people for that triage position. her work has become her life and that's sort of okay by her though it does get monotonous at times, even being that she's very good at what she does. when you've managed to break through the exterior enough to see her on leisure hours, she's much different. or at least she can be. she tends to be considerably more laid back and dare she even say... fun? gasp!

either way, she could use all kinds of lines. i know she works closely with [info]desantigo who she both admires and wants to boot in the face daily. that means she works with [info]liljegren and i think one other that i haven't talked to yet, idk. she's got a close friend in [info]fiorio as she also lives in the same building. i'm game for any and all lines, especially other neighbors, medical professionals, workaholics, and maybe some people that have had the misfortune of attempting to date her. hook ups too. let's make magic and things.

character info & ooc contact! [21 Jun 2010|02:18pm]

Sophie Solloway )

[info]portlander [21 Jun 2010|01:43pm]


[20 Jun 2017|11:29am]


Just realized I never did this for Hares so better late than never, right?

Hares is a 41 year old Rhode Island native (his love for his tiny little state is enormous) and if you swing by to visit him he will force you to try coffee milk. He's been in Portland for a little over six months and works at a nearby high school as an English teacher. He loves his job and his students but reserves the right to bitch from time to time. When drunk, he will recite Shakespeare monologues because he thinks it's cool? I guess?

Hares is openly gay and has the full support of his large family (he's the youngest of six), though his parents wish he would just find someone to settle down with and adopt a kid or two. They do not count his very fat cat Bebop as a grandchild, despite Hares' insisting. The man love to feed people and it's rare to walk into his kitchen and not see a full cookie jar or plate of cupcakes. He's really outgoing and is always willing to lend a helping hand.

There's nothing specific I need for him but I would love to get him socializing more and making friends (not that any of that's been a problem yet. You people are fantastic) but you know.

[19 Jun 2017|08:46pm]


hello, hello. i've apped this guy and now i'm looking for a few lines while i flesh out his bio. this is eduardo de santigo and he's a trauma surgeon at whichever portland hospital is the place to work for the medical professionals in the comm. i'm still debating if this is his first or second attending position so, he's been in the area anywhere from two to six years.

neighbors in one of the more affluent parts of the city, occasional gym buddies, other medical professionals for various working relationships, a lady or two who have tried to date him and his impossible work hours...anything else you can think of. lines, let me have them!

[19 Jun 2017|11:55am]


Hey Everyone, I was thinking about bringing in this Henry Cavill PB named Christian Edwards. He's a recent transplant from NYC where he was born and raised. He was brought out here by a job opportunity to become a faculty member at university teaching Business and Event Management. He also is in the process of revamping and opening two clubs with a friend of his (which can either be in game if someone has a character that would fit that role or an NPC).

Personality wise he's guarded at first but opens up in a decent amount of time. His father has been a long serving senator of New York so he's had to always put on that "perfect happy family" smile and hide his real feelings behind it and old habits die hard. He's basically a large teddy bear with a little bit of a wall. He loves a pun, enjoys a drink with friends and anything active and outdoorsy but also enjoys netflix and video games. He's intrigued by comic books but completely confused how people can just pick up on a series that has been running 40 years or more.

Potential Lines might include people who work at the university, students, a teaching assistant, people who work in any facet of service industry that might be looking for work at one of his clubs (bartenders, waitresses, DJs, etc), people he just randomly meets in the city who take pity on his newness. He'll be renting a place until he finds a home to buy so anyone willing to help with real estate etc. Basically, we can make anything work. I love custom spam and especially love scenes - I'm fairly detailed writer with most responses between 2-3 long paragraphs. So if that works for you I'd love to works something out.

[14 Jun 2017|10:10am]


Sorry for my absence - had a surprise (literally found out two nights before they showed up) long-ass visit from fam and had to be a good host. But I'm here now. Let's play.

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